Demo 2012

by and now run

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released December 4, 2012



all rights reserved


and now run Neuss, Germany

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Track Name: 01 - Caution Freedom

Look behind you, realise
Everything you do is made of lies
Clock runs, with every heartbeat
Don't change, face the cheat
Don't change your mind or your life
Eat, buy, die or survive

Caution, freedom - your fear is right
The day was long - now comes the night
Caution, freedom – look to your feet
And now run – that's all you need

Come on stretch your arm strong
This is where our hearts belong
Our life, our way
Believe me it comes the day
Take a step back, face your life
Eat, buy, die or survive

Whatever was, whatever remains
Be positive, remember your blame
Remember your blame
Track Name: 02 - Pieces Of Paper

Fulfill expectations
Work hard, be proud, smells like freedom...
Inside your fish bowl
Pieces of paper for your time
You can trade them for a window...
Outside your small world

Follow the clock, follow the street
Do what they say, fear to lose security,
There is so much to live for...
So much to die for...

Optimize your path, apply
Nice illusions of a meaning
For your shallow existence
Like a moth without the light
One-year-trip's will sure help hiding
Yourself from this world
Track Name: 03 - Something To Believe

He walks alone - head bowed in shame
9 to 5 to death for life - no love, no pain
Endless repeat, repeat, repeat
Life thrown away so cheap, so cheap
Grey skies, dead friends, mellow sun
Autumn forever, ever long

Bodies at work, everyday the same
Heads in the clouds, just shells remain

You start to run, run, run!
There ain't no meaning, you're just another one
And now run!

This whole system - does not exist!
Just an illusion - something to believe
It's all in your head, in your head, in your head
Manipulation 'till you're dead
It's all in our heads, in our heads, in our heads
Cause we need something to feel safe
Track Name: 04 - One Day

Just when you think... it can't get worse
You fall again! Just when you think...
There is not much left to lose
You lose again, It's like a law
One time pushed, get pushed again
You're going down
Get the fuck up! Give everything,
There's just one try
Fight back or die!

Cause noone else can stop your fall
And nobody will give a fuck when your gone

Noone to blame...
Searching guilt won't help at all,
In the end it's all your fault! You've got to break...
This downward spiral to the ground
Before it's too late! It's like a law
What falls down, won't stop without force
It's all your choice to change the line!
Aim for the top, accelerate
Out of this hole

And one day - you will laugh about this shit
Yes one day - you will be strong again
Go your way - don't look back, don't fear a thing
When you're standing tall
You won't walk alone